All technoloy converts hard(ware) based industries into service industries

Look at books. Digital books de-commoditize books, each digital book con offer a unique value experience, way beyond the mere reading and content. viz:

curation, updating, annotating, social sharing, seeing other people’s comments, weblinks out, etc, etc

Cars. Gamifying good driving and rewarding careful drivers who don’t go one in a car with: petrol coupons, points knocked off for minor offences, decreased road tax.

Connect anything and you immediately move yourself into a service industry, adding value to what was once a commoditized product. This way everyone’s happy. The manufacturer, the customer

In the same vein, look at this announcement re Windows 10:

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft’s plan for making money on Windows is via other services that will be attached to the operating system, rather than depending on OS licensing as much as in the past.

Source ZDnet


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