Microsoft adopts Linux LTS strategy… almost

Interesting to see that Microsoft will push point versions of Windows 10 to consumer users but charge the corporate world to stick with a stable  LTS for a guaranteed 4 year cycle. As a long-time ubuntu LTS user I can see the attraction for CIOs.


Tablet sales begin to fall

This makes a lot of sense. The tablet is great as a leisure device but doesn’t really replace a ‘proper’ keyboard device. Bigger phones make leisure consumption possible and ‘the tablet filled a gap in the market between the laptop and the mobile phone. Nowadays, with notebooks being lighter, thinner and more portable, and also with smartphones having larger screens – the phablet market – there’s less need for the traditional tablet.’ (ZDNet)

If I were going to spend $600 – $700 now I’d be looking at something like Dell’s Intel 14nm technology Broadwell-powered 13″ ultrabook with SSD. Briliant machine!