Education is driven by technology – wrong

Education is being driven by technology at the moment. This is wrong. Education needs to be driven by pedagogy and powered by technology. This entails proper training and CPD of teachers, and change in classroom choreography, teasing out of a clear vision or mission statement from leadership (often sadly lacking) and a commitment on the part of teachers for student-centred learning around real world material with teaching and evaluation based on process and not just product. Publishers are key here as they need to move away from their monolithic publishing model and move to a more agile, just in time approach giving a disaggregated content offer which achieves coherence from elements other than linearity. User generated content needs to be brought into the mix, with publishers performing their traditional roles of curation, editing, design, ensuring universality, ensuring rigor in content and material and perhaps even adding their seal of quality but at the same time changing their perception from that of constructing monolithic ‘one size fits all’ publications to that of constructing tagged clouds of content, accessible from any point.


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