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Lollipop update vs iOS update

Google pushed me an OTA update to my humble Moto G last night. It all went very smoothly and I didn’t have to remove half of my content and all my apps to do it (like I did on my iPad). All apps updated except for a little widget I use to toggle 3G data. But lollipop now has that toggle built right in on the home screen. A few niggles:

Can’t get certain things ‘black enough’ and I don’t like the new borderless keyboard as much.

Battery life seems improved, response is as good if not better than before (again, unlike my iPad which Apple virtually bricked with iOS 8) and I’m generally a happy camper

Using the kitchen as an analogy for computers

I recently had to explain to someone the importance of, difference between and affect on performance of: CPU, RAM and memory and this seemed helpful:

  • The CPU are the machines that process the food, basically the hob, the oven, the knives, food processor etc.
  • The RAM is the amount of working top space you have to put things temporarily while you are chopping, mixing, stirring and cooking. If you have very little, no matter how sharp your knives are or how good the oven is, your preparation of the food will be slower.
  • Memory is your cupboards, fridge and drawers

This seemed to help and my pupil then asked if the deep freeze was like an external hard disk, where you put things you don’t need all the time – I agreed.

And without stretching it too much, I guess the amount of physical space to move around is your FSB speed?

Any thoughts on this analogy?