The myth of digital natives

I have often argued that digital natives are in fact ‘digital orphans’ and I’m pleased to see this in ‘How teens are redefining digital‘.

‘Without being prompted, many of the adolescents we spoke to say they wanted advice from experienced adults rather than asking other teens’


Firefox drops Google | Google no ads

2 interesting little bits of news this week.

1. Firefox have dropped Google as their default engine. The payment by default search engines to occupy pride of place in Firefox is a major source of revenue and it is interesting that Yahoo have beaten Google in the bid. This may be due to two things:

  • Google is enjoying such dominance with Chrome and Firefox use is dropping off. Perhaps Google now feel that they can afford not to have pride of place in a minority browser – well below IE and Chrome in penetration across devices.
  • Mozilla have always said that money as not Nº1. As they are building a competitor OS to Android they may feel this is the time to make the break strategically

2. Google’s no-ad service. This is the very thin end of a very long wedge. It was only matter of time until the clearweb stopped being free and the opportunity to pay the search engine instead of seeing ads offers Google an alternative revenue stream. I feel however, the will have to do better than merely pixellate ads to remove the annoyance factor. I can see a paid version of the web before long. Pay = no ads.